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CADENAS Ltd.  is an enterprise founded with the aim of providing the Serbian market with the high-quality engineering and manufacturing service of all kinds concerning roller and gall chains, as well as special chains used in demanding environment. On the basis of the many years of experience in cooperation with many industrial fields both domestically and abroad, and thanks to the strong support from technical team and production capacities, we are able to provide you with the wide range of products and services.

Apart from our basic program of distribution of kinds of standard and special chains, then steel constructions, we can also offer you a range of laboratory chemical, mechanical and metal examinations.


CADENAS Ltd. is market-oriented company, which employs the highest criteria of products’ quality, and foremost bears in mind high quality of goods, while meeting deadlines in delivery into the domestic, as well as foreign market.


CADENAS Ltd. vision is to become recognizable brand in the area of metal industry.




Aleksandar Bliznaković
Mileve Marić Ajnštajn 46, lok.3
11073 Novi Beograd, Serbia
mob. + 381 (0) 60 659 27 07
E-mail: office@cadenas.rs
E-mail: aleksandar.bliznakovic@gmail.com